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What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Dog Food Recipes

Dog food is something that most dog owners do not pay much attention to. The dog food label may say it’s the best dog food, but that does not mean it is. Quality commercial dog food has gone through extensive research and regulation, both on the part of the dog food companies and by veterinarians.

So what is in those commercial adult dog food products? Puppies, unlike older dogs, aren’t strict carnivores. Although meat forms the majority of their dietary intake, domestic dogs also can obtain essential nutrients from fruits, grains, and vegetables. Therefore, a dog nutritionist suggests dog owners begin their dogs’ diets early with quality adult maintenance dog food.

Adult dog food may contain whatever you want to put into it. For example, one company may suggest dry dog food and another may suggest a canned meal. One company may emphasize high-quality meats while another may highlight a fish or salmon oil supplement. If your dog is picky eater, you can use one of these meal toppers to dress his or her kibble. Other human foods have been used as ingredients for pet meals as well, including pretzels and potato chips.

As a dog owner, you have probably learned that dogs need a daily dose of exercise to stay healthy. If your pooch is just lounging around the house all day, you might think giving him a can of wet dry dog food will solve the boredom. However, many experts suggest that dogs need at least an hour of exercise every day to remain physically active and mentally alert.

In addition to dogs who like to eat dry food, some adult dogs are just not interested in new food. If you have an older dog, you probably noticed that he was always on a diet. Perhaps he had diabetes, or maybe he just didn’t like the taste of new things. New foods introduce new flavors and textures, which may appeal to an older dog who doesn’t know how to process the flavor and texture.

Even if your dog eats dog food that you make, be sure to include some homemade treats in his daily meal. This will help to meet his nutritional needs and prevent you from buying commercial brand food later. Many dog food manufacturers do not mention specific nutrients in their foods. When you buy commercially made dog food, the manufacturer includes all of the nutrient recommendations, but they often leave out certain nutrients that your dog needs.

It is important to use a clean bowl every time you feed your dog. Although bowls look nicer, they can harbor bacteria and dirt, which can be a serious health problem. The best bowl for feeding your dog is a high quality plastic dog bowl with a rubber non-slip grip. You should also clean the bowls regularly, as left-over food can become a breeding ground for harmful germs.

There are many types of dog food to choose from, but don’t assume that you know what to give your fussy dog. Know what may need to be added or changed, and consult your vet for complete guidelines and common names of ingredients.

You may need to experiment with various brands to find the best combination for your fussy dog. He may need a high-energy boost to keep him motivated and active, or he may need a low-calorie treat to keep him from gaining weight.

Some dogs need more than others do in order to thrive and stay healthy. Lean meats such as chicken and fish, along with good fats are essential for many dogs. Chicken and fish are lean, and have low fat content, making them excellent choices for most pets.

Other good fats include olive oil, eggs, nuts, avocados, and other healthy fats. Never feed your dog rancid meat, as this can cause illness, and never feed your dogs chocolate or sweets, as they will wreak havoc on their intestinal system.

Many dogs have excellent digestive tracts because they have a lot of fatty acids in their systems. However, some dogs suffer from severe problems if they do not get enough fatty acids, as these acids help them with digestion. Therefore, if your dog has a sensitive digestive tract, fatty acids are an excellent source of nutrition.

Some dogs simply have a very picky eater. If you have a dog like this, you may find that it will eat anything that is in front of it. They may even choke on their own feces. Although this may seem like a terrible thing to fret about, it is a fairly common occurrence among small dogs. If you notice your dog getting down, take it to the vet right away for an exam.

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