Portable Dog Fence Buying Guide and Reviews

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There are many dog lovers in this world and the mass majority of them are not content with remaining in one place for too long. I understand the importance of escaping reality, by spending a weekend away from home or visiting a relative’s home. This can be a little more difficult for pet lovers like you and me. We just cannot tolerate the idea of our precious pooch being left alone or cared for by a stranger. This is why I recommend investing in a portable dog fence and taking your dog along! A portable fence for dogs will make it possible to create a dog-friendly environment anywhere and everything. I will provide you with additional information about these products below.

Our Favorite List of Portable Fence For Dogs

The portable pet fence is very similar to other varieties, but it is slightly different. Although it will serve the same purpose, it will be designed for easy portability. You will find that portable  fence will fold down to a more compact size one way or another. I can tell you immediately that there are wooden and metal gates. Both can be excellent solutions to your problem. Although you’ll want a compact gate, it is also essential to provide your pooch with a sufficient amount of room to run and play. So, I recommend finding a middle ground. Find something that will fold down compactly for easier portability, but ensure the confined space will be sufficient for your pet!

Allmax Metal Portable Pet Fence

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The Allmax Portable Fence is constructed out of heavy duty metal to ensure longevity. The assembly is extremely quick and easy, since the process does not require any type of hand tool. Each panel is equipped with quality fixtures, so all you need to do is snap them together. Once the panels are assembled, you never need to worry about disassembling the fence, because it is configurable. It folds flat for a compact storage, plus you can toss it in the trunk of your vehicle and easily transport it to another location.

Rust Resistance Construction

To prevent the metal from rusting and corroding, the manufacturer added a powder coated finish. The black finish will integrate into any backyard, making your pets extremely happy to have a safe place to play. The great benefit of owning the Allmax is its configurable design. Once the separate panels are fully assembled, you can simple rearrange them to form a square, rectangle, or hexagon play area. This design is also great for pet owners that have limited space to work with. You will also have the option of reducing the number of panels in the assembly to create a more compact play area.

Notable Specifications

  • Includes 8 separate panels
  • Extra panels can be purchased separately
  • Connecting rods also used to anchor the fence in the ground
  • 1-1/2” Space between each slat
  • 38” in height
  • Assembly process requires no tools
  • Swing door provides easy access

Overall Assessment

The Allmax Portable Pet Fence is a wonderful option for individuals that own small to medium size dogs. The anchors ensure a sturdy installation, but not sturdy enough for a 90-pound canine. This is one of the most versatile pet fences on the market, plus you will always have the option of purchasing extra panels at a later date.

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BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen

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BestPet has definitely knocked it out of the park with their Heavy Duty Pet Playpen. This is one of the most versatile, convenient, and spacious portable dog fences I have found. The product is moderately affordable, yet it can accommodate a large variety of pets and pet owners. It is made from heavy duty ½” tubes for additional longevity. The fence also features a convenient door, so I have very little trouble getting my dog in and out of the gate.

Rapid Setup

Although the BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen might offer an abundance of space, it is surprisingly easy to assemble and disassemble. Some of the pieces can be a little heavy, but the assembly process didn’t take me more than 10 minutes. When the gate is completely disassembled, it consumes very little space, so it can easily be taken anywhere.

Notable Specifications

  • Convenient door
  • Heavy duty frame will withstand the test of time
  • Base dimensions of 23 by 23”
  • Assembly and disassembly can be completed in just 10 minutes
  • Easily portable

Overall Assessment

All in all, the BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen is a great investment. It is a little bulkier than the alternatives, but I like its dependability. It is strong and big enough to accommodate all dogs. I can easily recommend this portable fence to any dog owner.

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SmithBuilt Animal Dog Play Pen

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The SmithBuilt Animal Dog Playpen is a great option, which is cost effective and versatile. In fact, I was a little surprised that the playpen was so durable. And, this isn’t the only thing that sets it apart from the competition. The gate can be compactly condensed down to a much smaller size to make transportation simply and easy. Once it has been unfolded, it provides a large amount of space for your dog or dogs. Each pen is equipped with 8 panels, which measure 24-inches. This makes it possible to create a 5-foot enclosure or a 16-foot long fence. The panels are all manufactured from steel wire and coated with epoxy. So, they’re safe and very durable.

No Leaping Over

One of the best things about the SmithBuilt Animal Playpen is the fact that it is available in various heights. This makes it possible for the product to accommodate nearly all pet owners. Those with bigger dogs are recommended to select a 42-inch or 48-inch package. This will help to ensure your dog will not be able to leap or climb over the gate and make their escape.

Notable Specifications

  • Available in various heights ranging from 24 to 48-inches
  • Comes with 12 feet of panels
  • Can be used to create various types of enclosures or gates
  • Comes with a handy carry case
  • Compacts down very well
  • Arrives fully assembled, so setup is quick and simple

Overall Assessment

The SmithBuilt Animal Playpen is undeniably an excellent bargain. I have used many pet gates, but still prefer this one on occasion. It is easy to transport from location to location and is sturdy and tall enough to accommodate dogs of all sizes. I highly recommend it, thanks to its low price, durability, and versatility.


Things To Remember

Before investing in any type of portable fence for dogs, it is essential to consider your preferences. Are you the type of dog owner, who prefers to keep your dog inside? Or, will you allow your dog to remain outside for any duration of time? This is important, because some fences are better suited for outdoor use, while others are best for indoor use. I wouldn’t use a rough wooden gate inside, as this may cause damage to my hardwood floors. Take precautions and make sure you choose the right product for you, your current situation and your furry friend. Once you have, you’ll be able to keep your pooch confined to a safe space no matter where you decide to travel!

March Anthony
Marc is an overlander who loves living in an RV with his dogs and loves to talk about them all the time!

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  1. These are perfect recommendations, much like the recos. After considering the weight and height of your pup, it boils down to the preference of material: can you carry a portable metal fence or a lighter plastic one? At the end of the day, if it secures the dog really well, then that does the job.


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