An Overview Of The Pros And Cons Of A Dog Silencer Device

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If you have a dog that is constantly barking and unruly, it is highly likely that you have looked into the several different types of anti-barking collars available on the market. All types of these collars are used throughout the world by different trainers and while they all apply different methods, they are all designed to stop unwanted barking over time. Some collar might deliver an electrical shock, while others can spray an unpleasant fragrance in your dogs face, and some even only emit a sound that only your dog can hear.

Whatever style you are thinking about purchasing, you need to know that there are advantages and disadvantages that come along with each model. Below, you will discover what these advantages and disadvantages are, and what might be the best choice for you.

Why Anti-Bark Collars Are Important

Before you decide on the type of collar that you want to purchase for your dog, you need to know why these collars are important. Dogs that are considered nuisance barkers either bark non-stop because they are territorial or just seeking out attention. Both of these behaviors can have negative effects on you, your pet, and guests. These collars are not only designed to prevent this unwanted barking, but they are designed to completely modify your dog’s behavior and make him or she becomes less attention-seeking or less territorial.

The Shock Collar

The shock collar is a dog silencer device that has been around since the 1960s. These collars are designed to detect vibrations from your dog’s bark and emit a low-level shock to the neck of your dog. Although, these collars can be adjusted, and have come a long way since they were first introduced on the market, a lot of pet owners still consider them cruel and inhumane.

Probably the biggest advantage to a shock collar is that it actually does stop your dog from barking, but studies have shown that it doesn’t actually teach your dog to stop barking. The theory is your dog just becomes so confused from the pain that it will become more concerned about figuring out the source.

The Spray Collar

The spray collar is without a doubt growing in popularity throughout the pet owner community. These collar works by emitting a mist in the dog’s face or snout when he or she barks. While these devices are fairly effective and can prevent unwanted barking they do have some downsides.

For instance, the aroma that is emitted can get on your furniture and clothes if your pet it kept indoors. In addition to this, there is tons of maintenance involved with these devices, like checking and changing the battery and constantly filling the liquid fragrance.

Ultrasonic External Device

If you are one of those people that do not want to restrict your dog with a shock collar, you may find the ultrasonic external device more suitable. These products are very unique in design because they offer discretion, convenience, and a user-friendly interface. Instead of the ultrasonic mechanism being installed into a dog collar, it will be installed inside an external device that looks like a birdhouse. However, you can also find the ultrasonic mechanism embedded into a handheld device.

The ultrasonic device will sit just about anywhere, plus you can move it around at will. The handheld device will allow you more portability, so you can take it to the park or a family’s house.

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