The Best Electronic Fences and Dog Shock Collars Reviews

Being a dog owner can be a true blessing, but it can also be an enormous responsibility. Your furry friend will love you for the duration of his or her life. Unfortunately, it will be your responsibility to properly train your pet, in order to keep them out of trouble.

You don’t want your pet to become a public nuisance and it is essential to prevent him from become a problem for your neighbors. Regardless of the situation, you will need to teach your dog when it is acceptable and when it is not acceptable to bark. A barking dog can be a good alarm, but an overzealous dog will become a major problem. Shock collars for dogs are specifically designed for this task.

After many years of working with dogs, I have come to the conclusion that the dog shock collar can be an excellent tool in the right hands. However, it is essential to utilize the appropriate collar and to use it in an acceptable manner. Below, I will provide you with more insight into my experience with best shock collars and tips for buying one for your dog.

1. Pet Resolve – View Best Price at Amazon

If you are an avid pet lover and work diligently to train your canines to walk the line, you should consider investing in the Pet Resolve Dog Training E-Collar. This model is designed to expand up to 3 canines, which is great for those that have more than 1 stubborn canine.

The Pet Resolve E-Collar is suitable for all different sized canines and can be adjusted accordingly. The great benefit of owning Pet Resolve dog shock collar with remote is its extensive signal range, which is 1312 yards or ¾ mile.

Expandable Up To 3 Canines

The Pet Resolve kit comes with a receiver, collar, USB charger, spanner and prongs, test light, e-book, USB lead, and remote. To expand to the maximum level, an additional collar will be needed for each canine.

The system is fully capable of training 3 canines simultaneously, with various levels vibrations, momentary and continuous shock, and beeps. The momentary shock is actually a feature that can be utilized in emergency situations.

The remote is self-explanatory, with buttons that are labeled for easy readability and visibility. Each collar is classified on the remote as number 1, 2, or 3. When controlling one of the collars, you will need to select the appropriate number, followed by any of the additional buttons. Remember, if the animal is not out of control, but is misbehaving you may be able to control its behavior, by only utilizing the vibration button.

Notable Specifications

  • Expandable up to 3 canines (additional collars required)
  • Signal range of 1312 yards of ¾ mile
  • Waterproof design and fully submersible
  • Onboard 3.7 lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • The battery reaches a full charge in 2-hours or less
  • Includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and money-back guarantee
  • 10 level adjustability for continuous and momentary shock

Overall Assessment

The Pet Resolve Dog Training E-Collar is one of the best models on the market. Even though the price tag is slightly higher than competitor brands, when you consider the fact that the manufacturer warranty is more extensive and the system is expandable up to 3 canines, the extra cost is minor.

2. Petrainer PET998DBB

Canines are wonders domestic pets, but they oftentimes get out of control, especially if they are not trained properly. This is where the Petrainer PET998DBB Dog Training E-Collar is a quality device that will transform your canine’s behavior in a matter of days.

This model is designed to offer a 330-yard signal range, which is perfect for small training areas. This basically means that the remote will efficiently control the receiver up to 330 yards away.

Self Explanatory Remote

The Petrainer remote has a user-friendly design, with buttons that are labeled for easy usability and readability. The small backlit screen displays digits that are large enough to be seen from a short distance away.

There is also a “LED Light Button”, which is labeled with a unique symbol that represents a light. Whenever you want the screen to light up, just gently push the button to access the current static and vibration levels. There is a total of 4 royal blue buttons on the front panel and an adjustable up/down button on the right side panel.

The adjustability levels range from 0 to 100, which will add more flexibility for training young puppies. The adjustable collar minimum length is 7” and the maximum is 26”, which is suitable for Great Danes.

Notable Specifications

  • 330 Yard signal range
  • 100% waterproof design, with sealed components
  • Various built-in modes (light, auto-protect)
  • Choose between 100 different shock levels
  • Comes with 1-year free replacement guarantee
  • 100 Adjustability vibration and static stimulation levels
  • Includes 2 receivers and 1 remote
  • Remote has backlit LCD screen, which is visible in direct sunlight and low-light conditions

Overall Assessment

The Petrainer PET998DBB Canine E-Collar offers a high level of accuracy and reliability. It is great for training young puppies and older adult canines up to 15 pounds or larger, without causing discomfort. The rechargeable lithium battery offers a long service life for both the remote and receiver.

3. PetSpy Remote

Those looking for an excellent shock collar should look no further than the PetSpy. This specific collar is moderately affordable and is more than capable of accommodating the needs and requirements of all pet owners.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the fact that the collar offers 1,100 yards of operational range. The included remote is slightly limited, since it is only compatible with a single dog. Nonetheless, the price is great and the collar offers an array of helpful training modes.

Various Training Modes

The Pet Spy is fairly versatile, when it comes to functionality and operational modes. In all, there are four training modes to choose from. They include shock, light, beep, and vibration.

So, if you do not wish to give your precious friend a painful shock, you can always switch to the vibration mode. However, the shock is excellent for stubborn dogs that just refuse to obey orders. The collar also offers 8 adjustable levels, so you can configure the precise amount of voltage delivered.

Thanks to the adjustability, the collar is suitable for dogs weighing anywhere between 10 and 140-pounds.

Notable Specifications

  • Suitable for dogs weighing between 10 and 140 pounds
  • Choose from 4 different training modes
  • Shock and vibration
  • A maximum operational mode of 1,100 yards
  • Remote’s battery is rechargeable for improved cost-effectiveness
  • The collar is waterproof, so it can be worn anytime and anywhere
  • Protected by a limited 1-year warranty

Overall Assessment

All in all, the Pet Spy Remote Dog Training Collar is an excellent investment, but it is slightly limited in terms of expandability. It is only capable of accommodating a single dog and this may rule it out for some pet owners.

Nonetheless, I have found that the collar works exceptionally well and the four training modes offer a humane solution to many problems. For the price and thanks to the 1-year warranty, this is a great investment and highly recommended.

4. RopriPet Active E-Collar With Remote

Shock collars for dogs are very important training tools. Many professional trainers utilize them for every aspect of canine training. When you consider the fact that the collar comes with a remote, there will be no end to the possibilities.

The RopriPet Active Shock E-Collar is one of the most popular models on the market. The electrical shock mechanism is designed to offer 100 levels of vibration and static stimulation adjustments. This level of flexibility will ensure your canine’s safety and comfort.

User Friendly Remote

The RopriPet Active remote has a backlit LCD display screen to offer better readability. The screen displays vibration and sensitivity setting readouts, so you can monitor the settings from afar.

The Active Collar offers a 330-yard range, which is great for small training areas. Each button is labeled with a symbol that is very easy to recognize. Users can make quick and easy vibration and sensitivity level adjustments up to 330 yards away from the collar. There are also several built-in modes that will enhance the collar’s usability.

Notable Specifications

  • 330-Yard signal range
  • Onboard 3.7-volt polymer lithium-ion battery
  • Water-resistant design
  • Includes an electric charger that offers a quick recharge for both collar and receiver (charges both devices simultaneously)
  • The LCD display screen is bright and readable in low-light conditions
  • Suitable for small and large canines
  • 100 Static and vibration simulation adjustments
  • Can be expanded for two canines
  • Includes a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and a money-back guarantee

Overall Assessment

Do not be turned off by RopriPet Active E-Collar’s price tag, because this says nothing about its quality and durability. For the price, you will not beat this model, plus it includes everything you need to get started training your canine right out of the box. The collar is adjustable up to 26”, which is large enough for a Great Dane.

5. OU-Band Dog Training

Many pet owners will want to save money without diminishing the quality of their collar. If you fall into this category, you owe it to yourself to check out the OU-Band.

The dog collar is much less costly than the alternatives, but still delivers a great performance in all key categories.

In fact, it manages to exceed some of the more expensive collars in many ways. The collar is suitable for all pets that meet and exceed 15 pounds. And, it offers an array of modes, so everyone can get exactly what they desire.

Ease Of Use

The OU-Band is truly one of the most user-friendly shock collars on the market. I absolutely love the fact that the collar offers static shock as well as vibration. And, accessing these modes is quick and easy. Even more impressive is the fact that the collar overs one-hundred levels of shock and vibration stimulation. The buttons are big, clear labels, and make using the remote simple.

Notable Specifications

  • 330 yards of operational range
  • 4 modes to choose from
  • 100 levels of shock and vibration
  • Suitable for dogs 15 pounds and up
  • Backlit LCD screens make the remote easy to use even with poor lighting
  • 3-month replacement and 1-year for maintenance

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the OU-Band is great for single dog owners. I have used many shock collars, but the remote provided with the OU-Band was by far the most simplistic. Making adjustments and switching modes was simply and straightforward.

With 100 levels of shock and vibration stimulation, you have complete control over the amount of force to exert. I recommend the OU-Band for all dog owners, regardless of experience or your dog’s size.

How Electric Collars For Dogs Works

Before attempting to jump into specific products, I highly recommend taking the time to learn about shock collar training in general. The electric collar for dogs can be effective, but it isn’t a miracle solution to your dog’s bad behavior. So, how do they work? Well, the shock collar does indeed deliver a stinging shock to the canine.

The shock is designed to alert the dog to inappropriate behavior. With repeated shocks, the dog will eventually come to the conclusion that barking or biting is unacceptable and will result in a shock. Therefore, they’ll drop the behavior altogether.

Unfortunately, there will be some risks associated with these devices. Even the best dog training collar will have some minute risks. And, some dog owners will not feel comfortable using such products.

Correcting Puppy Behavior With Other Products

Since some pet owners will not like the idea of utilizing a shock collar for small dogs, it is essential to examine the alternatives. There are various products, which are specifically designed to rectify the misbehavior of canines. For your convenience, I will discuss some of these below.

Invisible Dog Fences

Some dog owners will need to put measures in place to prevent their dogs from scaling the fence and attacking the neighbor. Invisible dog fences may not be able to prevent your dog from barking constantly, but they will solve this specific problem. Invisible dog fences are specifically designed to combat roaming dogs, while ensuring your precious friend is unable to escape their boundaries. If your yard lacks a suitable fence and you cannot monitor your dog’s behavior all day, an invisible fence can be a great investment.

Spray Collars

Spray collars are an excellent alternative to shock collars. They’re considered by many to be a much more humane solution to an unruly dog. These collars are designed to combat persistent barking.

The collar’s canister is filled with a chemical spray, which is dispensed when the dog barks. The spray emits a distinct odor, but is harmless to the animal. Nonetheless, the smell and the force of the spray can aid in rectifying the dog’s unruly barking.

Compressed Gas Canister

If you’re looking for an on-demand remedy, I highly recommend adding a compressed gas canister to your arsenal. Although this product works very similarly to the aforementioned collar, it can be used anywhere, anytime, and for behaviors other than barking.

When the canister’s button is pressed, an alarmingly loud sound will be heard and a stream of gas will be emitted from the nozzle. This product works exceptionally well for all dogs, regardless of size and stature.

Electric Collar

When it comes down to it, I must admit that the best shock collar will still prove to be more reliable in many circumstances than the aforementioned alternatives. Although the shock might be cruel in many people’s eyes, it can still remedy the problem and correct your dog’s behavior.

Fixing their behavior as quickly as possible is key for allowing them to live a normal life, while also keeping your life free of stress and headaches. For example, if your dog is barking a lot,you should think about buying anti bark collar. This is why I recommend utilizing an electric collar.

Pet Gates

Unlike the aforementioned devices, this is not about getting hold of pets, but it serves to limit the movement of pets in your home.

We have tried various variants of these products, such as pet gates for stairs, retractrable pet gates for indoor use , and basic dog gates for partition walls.

There are many interesting and easy solutions for your home, so check out our articles.

Pet Fences

If you have a problem with your pet’s behavior when friends come to you,then you consider to indoor pet fence , or if you are in the yard, portable pet fence are ideal solution for outdoor.

Unlike dog gates, pet fences are freestanding and are totally independent.

What’s Shock Collar Must-Have – Usage Tips

The utilization of such a collar can be somewhat controversial. I know many individuals, who refuse to even consider using such a product. Although I sympathize with these people, I also believe best shock collars can be effective and safe, as long as they’re used properly.

After many years of training animals, I’ve discovered a few tricks for successfully training pets with and without collars. Below, you will find tips for making sure your dog learns quickly and is shocked less frequently.

Teach First

First and foremost, you should begin instilling the behavior in your dog, before you even strap on the collar.

Whether you’re trying to put a stop to barking or want to teach your dog a specific command, you should give the order without the collar. Allow the dog to familiarize him or herself with your body language and the given command. This will increase the likelihood that the dog will know why they’re being shocked when the collar actually enters the picture.

Try Other Tactics First

Many dogs need a little more than simple repetition to successfully learn a command or behavior. For instance, if I was attempting to teach a dog the “come” command, I would say the keyword and give a little tug on the dog’s chain.

This will let them know that I mean business and will encourage them to develop an understanding for command and discipline. If the command cannot be taught successfully, the collar will need to be used.

Be Careful With Voltage

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that more voltage will equate to better results. This isn’t the case. Increasing the voltage will sometimes only result in more anxiety and more pain for your pet.

Don’t feel obligated to increase the voltage, unless you are unable to obtain the desire results through normal means. In fact, it will sometimes be possible to achieve the results you desire without using any voltage whatsoever.

How To Buy The Best Dog Shock Collar

In order for your collar to be effective, it is essential to invest in the best collar you can find. It is also vital to choose a collar that perfectly accommodate your dog’s size and weight. Below, I will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the most pertinent factors to consider when investing in a shock collar for large dogs or small dogs.


When it comes down to it, price will undeniably be important for all consumers. When considering your dog’s shock dollar, it is essential to spend a little extra. Try to avoid overspending, but make sure you get a reliable and safe collar for your pet. This will ensure maximum effectiveness, less pain, and a better overall value.


Some collars come with a handy remote control. The remote control can be exceptionally helpful, since it’ll provide you with maximum control over the collar and the shock.

I highly recommend investing in a collar with a remote control, even if it does increase the price minutely. With the remote, you’ll be able to correct an array of bad behavior, including biting, barking, humping, and running too far away.


If you take my advice and invest in a collar with a remote, you’ll need to pay close attending to the collar’s range. This is the maximum distance allowed between the remote control and the collar. If the range is exceeded, the collar will not be able to interpret the remote’s commands. Suffice to say, a longer range is always best.

Batteries And Battery Life

Your dog’s collar will deliver an electric shock and therefore will need some type of electric power. Most utilize an internal battery, which can be recharged.

The rechargeable battery is definitely more cost effective than replaceable batteries, but you’ll need to opt for the longest battery life possible. Nothing would be worse than watching your dog act our or bite someone, because your batteries have been drained.


Even if your dog is an inside dog, you’ll eventually need to take him out to use the bathroom. I know firsthand that dogs will use any opportunity to get into trouble and this includes quick bathroom breaks.

Make sure your dog’s collar will be able to withstand everything Mother Nature throws its way. Your pet might decide to bathe in the rain or trudge through a puddle of water. Therefore, I highly recommend buying a waterproof collar.


Although some collars will come with a singular remote, others have a remote that is expandable. This means that the remote can be used to control multiple collars. Although this isn’t a necessity, some people are like me and have more than one dog. If you have multiple pets and they all need corrective behavior training, be sure to opt for an expandable system.


At the end of the day, I cannot express the importance of getting a high quality collar and a good deal. One way to ensure you’ve gotten both in a single package is by making sure your collar of choice is covered by a lengthy manufacturer’s warranty. Most collars will be protected by at least a one-year warranty, but others will offer something a little longer.

Longer is always better!

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