4 Fascinating Facts About Dogs

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Dogs are amazing creatures that can turn into green-eyed monsters due to jealousy! A study that was done by Scientists in California revealed that dogs from 14 different breeds behaved indifferently when they didn’t receive attention. The study revolved around 36 dogs. And, all dogs behaved similarly. If you are planning to raise a pet dog, here are few things you should keep in mind.

#1 They Don’t Feel Guilty

Dogs Don’t Feel Guilty

A lot of people believe that dogs feel guilty. Well, dogs can become jealous, but they don’t show signs guilt. In fact, it is very difficult to verify if a dog is guilty or not. Alexandra Horowitz, a famous professor in New York claims that dogs that look guilty may not actually feel guilty!

#2 Powerful Urine

Dog Urine is so strong

Do you know that dog urine can corrode expensive metals? Dogs that pee on metal gates and lamp posts can cause plenty of damage. Early 2003, the Derbyshire County Council spent around 75,000 USD fixing lamp posts. These lamp posts were corroded by dog urine.

#3 Colors

Dogs can see Colors

Gone are the days when man believed that dogs can see only black and white. This is a well known myth about dogs. However, dogs can see vivid colors too! They may not see as vividly as man; but their color range is much more than black and white. Dogs cannot spot differences between green and red. Yet, they can see different shades of blue and yellow. Also, dogs have sharper vision during the night. Their night vision is several times better than humans.

#4 Smells

Dog Smells bad things

Do you know that dogs can sense diseases? If something strange is going to happen in your family, your dogs can spot it! They recognized a wide range of organic smells. These smells tell that the human body is not functioning properly.

March Anthony
Marc is an overlander who loves living in an RV with his dogs and loves to talk about them all the time!

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